I am not much of a relationship expert. My usual advice? That imagined afternoon where you see true love become reality? That’s probably going to stay imagined. I guess that’s not advice, that’s just me playing the odds. If I were to imagine the same scene with just a bit more self-applied cynicism it might turn out closer to a tawdry episode from "Girls" or "Eastbound and Down". Which would be a lot messier and a lot more sad.

But like every drama with exposed flesh hanging on end-of-episode hooks, there are promises and triumphs. It is entertainment, after all. Still, even with all the excitement, these tropes eventually fall a little flat. Excitement morphs into morbid curiosity or even loyalty to fictional characters in a stubborn wait for meaningful resolution. Even that gift of meaningful resolution is eventually reformed into a search for something new. Or, if a promise isn’t completely crushed, maybe it’s a search for an even better triumph.

Searching is probably the wrong word here, because searching involves finding and finding is actually pretty boring. It’s presumptuous anyway: the idea that one actually knows exactly what one is looking for.

To be clear, I’m not talking about that recent Amazon search for spicy pumpkin seeds. I’m talking about important stuff like: What is it exactly that you do? Why should it matter? That sort of stuff.

These are tough questions that everyone knows how to ask but are unprepared to answer for themselves. They are, however, exactly the sort of questions that have dominated the past year here at Radify. Among the answers? A new logo (Thanks, Josh!), a few shakeups, and so... much... work.

This web site is really just a small, but pretty accurate taste. I think it represents well our triumphs and our struggles: it’s a beautiful veil of colored pixels concealing so many gray conversations about direction and priorities and strategies. Tough questions and answers, now artfully represented by flashes of light and color. Thanks to our newest team member, Andrew, it’s all looking pretty good.

More than anything, I hope that the website gives a sense of how Radify is different. All of us share a deep excitement for technology and the web and experiences and all the stuff that allows us to do great work. But these things are the boring and more methodical parts of our work. These are the procedural searches. The fact is, our passion is discovering, and understanding this has been a big part of 2014 for us. Today, at the beginning of a new year, we join together stronger than ever with a common vision of a world where technology grows into a silent servant to human imagination.

Happy 2015 from Radify.