Let’s talk about you.

You run a team at a manufacturing or production company with a tech deficiency. Right now, you’re treading water, fighting a current of inefficient processes, an underutilized team, or expensive software. There has to be a way to break through.

We can help. Radify builds automated software for companies whose technical processes are core to their business. If you’re starving for software that will help you take your next big leap forwards by trimming costs or expanding revenue sources, we’re the right choice. We’ve done it before and we’d love to use our experience to help you.

If you think we can help steer your organization’s tech in the right direction but aren’t quite sure how to get things started, you can send us a quick intro. (Or, if you’re a future CTO, draft a quick email to send your current CTO).

We love meeting new people, learning about what could help them, and deliver something amazing. We love to listen and we’d love to hear from you.

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Business Dev

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